Board of Directors


Justin Hewlett

Hewlett Office Systems


Steve Davis

Campbell's Auto Body


Merle Breitenstein


Tom Cowan


Stu Madison

Johnson Cty. District Attorney


Bob Alford

Former Johnson County Sheriff

Vice President

Tim Southerland

Independent Bank


Bruce Basden

Basden Steel


Mike Erinakes

MAAD H Ranch

Past President

Keith Kelly

KMP Graphics


Kenny Howell

Johnson Cty. Commissioner


Jon Puryear

Jon Puryear, EMS Education


Tim Sinclair

Power Kleen

Executive Director

Cara Ellison


David Layman

Edward Jones


Brant Stovall



Larry Woolley

Johnson Cty. Commisioner


Mike Peacock

City of Joshua


Misty Young - Diesel Dynamics

Probational Directors

The Chisholm Trail 100 Club recognizes that the most important part of having a successful, trustworthy organization is to have the best Board of Directors possible.  With this in mind, the CT100 Club employs a probational director program in which possible Directors are nominated by the membership at large.  Probational Directors must serve actively with the current Board of Directors for at least six months before being voted into a full Directorship by the membership at large at the Annual Meeting.  In this way we ensure the Directors of the Chisholm Trail 100 Club are committed, hard-working and passionate supporters of our cause.

Probational Director

Austin Justice

Justice IT Consulting

Probational Director

Devin Jackson

Diesel Dynamics

Probational Director

 Tim Davis

Alpha Omega Pest Control

Probational Director

Levi Anderson

Edward Jones Cleburne

Probational Director

 Jeff Silverman

  Chisholm Trail Firearms

Board Advisors

The Chisholm Trail 100 Club is proud to have several individuals as Advisors to the Board of Directors, these members are not voting members of the Chisholm Trail 100 Club Board of Directors; however their advice is greatly valued and appreciated.

Board Advisor

Mel Birdwell

Hood County

Board Advisor

Tracy Aaron

Mansfield Chief of Police

Board Advisor

Mark Crawford

Somervell Cty. Fire Chief

Board Advisor

John Calandro

Merrill Lynch of Dallas

Board Advisor

Adam King

Johnson County Sheriff

Board Advisor

Lonnie Mears

AG Insurance Agency

Past Presidents

The Chisholm Trail 100 Club has been fortunate to have excellent leadership from the very beginning.  We are proud to honor the men and women who have led our organization.

Founding President

Jerry Payne


4th President

Bonnie Davis


2nd President

Bruce Basden


3rd President

Keith Kelly


Chisholm Trail 100 Club, Inc.

A 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the First Responders of our community.    

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